Create Wallet

Download and install MetaMask

Visit the website:

Add MetaMask to Chrome extensions, and based on your mobile device, download the corresponding mobile MetaMask for logging into the game.

Create Wallet

In this tutorial, Chrome browser will be used as an example to demonstrate how to create or import a wallet.

Download and install the browser extension, and after opening MetaMask, you will see the following:

If this is your first time setting up the software wallet, you will need to start with the 'Create a Wallet' option. If you have used another wallet before and are transitioning to MetaMask, choose the 'Import Wallet' option.

Create Wallet

After selecting the option to create a new wallet, the system will ask you to agree or opt-out of MetaMask's usage data collection.

Next, you will receive a prompt to create a password. You will use this password to log in to your MetaMask account through the browser extension or mobile application. While it is not your private key/seed phrase, you should still save it in a secure location, just like any password.

After selecting the password, the next step does indeed involve your seed phrase - or 'secret backup phrase' - so please proceed with caution. You will receive a randomly generated string and will be asked to re-enter it into the application to confirm the phrase. Once confirmed, you will arrive at the main page of the MetaMask wallet.

Note: There are two secure methods to consider for storing your mnemonic phrase. One is to physically write it down in a notebook or on a notepad and keep it in a secure and offline location. The other is to use a password manager to encrypt your password and phrase. Saving your phrase in any location on your computer (Word document, text file, etc.) may make you susceptible to hacking and scams.

Import Wallet

If you have previously explored the software wallet interface and have a general understanding of how MetaMask works, after choosing the 'Import Wallet' option, the system will prompt you to enter your private key (seed phrase) for the import process.

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