In Imbalance, the characters used by players are called 'Atman,' and 'Atman' is regarded as the eternal soul transcending the material world.

The Atman is an essential element in participating in the game. Each Atman can be continuously enhanced through the player's gameplay. Players can use their carefully cultivated Atman to experience exhilarating combat and the joy of dark gaming in the game!

The methods of obtaining Atman:

  1. Blind Box

  2. Purchase on the trading market

  3. Atman Fusion

Atman professions

The Atman have three professions, namely Warrior (Dog), Mage (Cat), and Archer (Monkey). The profession determines the skills, weapons, and combat characteristics that the Atman can use.

Atman factions

Placing Atman of the same faction in the same team will activate bonding attributes, providing additional attributes. The specific bonding effects are determined by the Atman's faction and the number of Atman of the same faction in the lineup.

There are restraint relationships between factions, with the restrained side suffering an additional 25% damage from the restraining side (currently not in effect; if PvP gameplay is introduced in the future, this feature will be opened).

Atman rarity

There are a total of 5 rarities for Atman. The rarity determines the level of the Atman's aptitude attributes and the number of innate skills.












Atman Qualification

Atman have a total of 5 qualifications. Qualification attributes do not directly affect in-game attributes; they are converted into usable in-game attributes, as illustrated in the following diagram:

Conversion formulas will be provided in subsequent updates.

Qualifications are randomly generated when a Atman is initialized, and their values fall within a certain range. The range is determined by the Atman's rarity, with higher rarities having a greater chance of higher qualifications. Each qualification has 5 levels (judged by the color of the qualification icon: Green=1; Blue=2; Purple=3; Yellow=4; Orange=5). Therefore, there are a total of 5 (number of rarity types) * 5 (qualification levels) = 25 grades of qualifications.

Qualifications also influence the Atman's external appearance. The higher the grade of the qualification, the more exquisite the corresponding part's appearance will be.

Talent Skills

Every Atman will have its own passive skills, and the higher the rarity of the Atman, the more talent skills they possess.


  1. Rage Skill: Accumulates rage during combat actions, and when the rage is full, normal attacks will be replaced by rage skills during battle cutscenes.

  2. Passive Skill: Skills that do not need to be actively released, providing the Atman with attributes or certain special effects.

  3. Linked Talent: Can alter or enhance the effects of certain active skills.

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