Add the Blast network

Add and switch networks

Click on the upper-left corner of the MetaMask wallet, open the corresponding interface, turn on the 'Show Test Networks' switch, and click on 'Add Network'.

Click on 'Add Network' to open the MetaMask network page. Click on 'Custom RPC' to manually add the network. Enter the following information into the corresponding fields, and then click 'Save'.

how to add testnet:

or manually

Network Name: Blast Sepolia

RPC Endpoint:

Chain ID: 168587773

Currency Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer:

Return to the wallet's main interface, click on the upper-right corner of the wallet, and select the Blast Sepolia network.

Claim test tokens

Visit the website:

Click on 'Connect Wallet', trigger your MetaMask wallet, enter the password to confirm the connection, click 'Continue,' and follow the steps on the webpage to claim at least 0.01 test ETH.

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