Skill Types

Skills are divided into Attack skills and Support skills. Attack skills are primarily used to inflict damage, while Support skills provide various beneficial effects.

Class Restriction

Attack skills are restricted by class, meaning only Atman that match the class specified in the skill can equip it. Support skills, on the other hand, can be equipped by Atman of any class.

Skill Level Up

Equipping and using a skill in combat to defeat monsters earns skill experience, allowing for the enhancement of skill levels. Increasing the skill level enhances the damage or effects of the skill, but it also increases the skill's mana cost or cooldown time.

Skill Enchantment

Active skills can be enchanted using enchantment items, enhancing the damage and utility of the skill.

Active skills have a maximum of 6 enchantment slots, allowing for up to 6 enchantment effects. When the number of enchantment effects is less than 6, adding a new enchantment effect may either add a new one or overwrite any existing enchantment.

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