Altar System

The altar is a prerequisite for using Atman in battles. When players deploy Atman, they first need to place the Atman on the altar. The Atman's level depends on the altar's level. This is done to reduce the difficulty for users to develop Atman, allowing them more freedom to customize their lineup without being restricted by the Atman development progress.

If a user removes a Atman from the altar, the skills, equipment, etc., associated with that altar will become inactive. If a team has that Atman, the Atman will also be removed from the team.

Altar Unlocking

Atman can only be hosted on the altar after it is unlocked. Initially, an account is automatically granted access to one altar. Additional altars can be unlocked by players as they participate in the game and obtain in-game items for unlocking. The required materials for unlocking will increase with each successive unlock.

Altar Upgrade

Players can use experience items and currency to upgrade the altar. Altar upgrades enhance the attributes of the Atman hosted on that altar.

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