The Fissure is the primary gameplay feature in Imbalance. Challenging the Fissure allows players to obtain various in-game items and resources. The Fissure has multiple difficulty levels, and users can progressively challenge higher difficulties based on their strength, earning more substantial rewards in the process. Entering the Fissure requires the consumption of stamina, and the amount of stamina consumed is determined by the Atman involved in the battle.

The Fissure rewards are divided into Drop Rewards, First Clear Rewards, and Completion Rewards.

  • Drop Rewards: There is a chance to obtain these rewards by defeating monsters.

  • First Clear Rewards: Achieved by successfully completing the Fissure for the first time within a specified time limit.

  • Completion Rewards: Obtained by successfully completing the Fissure within a specified time limit (after the first clear).

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