Atman Fusion System

Atman Fusion is one way to produce new Atman.

Fusion Conditions

Each Atman has 3 fusion attempts, and each fusion consumes 1 fusion attempt for the two Atman involved. Once all 3 attempts are used, the Atman cannot undergo further fusion but can still be used in the game.

The two Atman involved in fusion must have the same rarity to proceed with the fusion, while their classes, factions, etc., can be different. Atman of different rarities will consume a different amount of tokens during fusion.

The specific fusion costs are as follows (TBD):

Parent QualityToken Consumption











Fusion Result

After the fusion is completed, the fusion attempts for the participating Atman are reduced by one each, and the player obtains a completely new Atman.

The rarity of the new Atman is related to the rarities of the two participating Atman in the fusion. Assuming the rarity of the Atman in the fusion is SR, the possible qualities of the new Atman are threefold: R, SR, SSR. The quality of the new Atman will fluctuate by one tier based on the rarity of the Atman in the fusion.

However, when the rarity of the Atman in the fusion is N (lowest) or SP (highest), the possible rarities for the new Atman are only two: maintaining the same or increasing by one tier for N, and maintaining the same or decreasing by one tier for SP.

If the participating Atman in the fusion have different classes or factions, the class and faction of the new Atman will be evenly and randomly selected from the two.

The qualifications and talent skills of the new Atman will be initialized based on its rarity, class, faction, and star rating (1 star).

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