DOP replace OOP

"Data-Oriented Programming (DOP)" and "Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)" are two fundamentally different programming paradigms. ECS architecture is an example of Data-Oriented Programming (DOP), and it has numerous advantages, as mentioned earlier. So, why don't developers use Data-Oriented Programming (DOP) to replace Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)?

The reason is that "Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)" aligns better with human cognition and coding habits. It is also more conducive to project management. On the other hand, "Data-Oriented Programming (DOP)" can be seen as less intuitive, and its code structure may seem counterintuitive, as it is a programming style that aligns more closely with how machines understand data.

However, for our game development, we firmly chose "Data-Oriented Programming (DOP)" as our programming paradigm because we believe it will bring outstanding performance and efficiency to our game. Despite the challenges, we are confident that DOP will provide players with a smoother and more engaging gaming experience. We will continue to work hard, using DOP as the foundation to create an unforgettable and high-quality game that meets the expectations and passion of players.

The screenshots below showcase a part of our current technical capabilities in the game project. In a scene with just 10,000 units, the total GC Alloc per frame is 392B, a level achieved through our ECS architecture, demonstrating exceptional efficiency. Moving forward, we will continue to iterate and optimize to achieve the pinnacle of core gameplay experience.

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