Game Modes

Basic Introduction:

  1. Players can enter the game using their Atman(NFT). To participate in battles, a player needs to deploy at least one Atman, and up to four Atman can be deployed to form a team for combat. The team leader position acts as the "head" of the formation, with teammates following the leader's movements (similar to leading a team in the style of the game Snake).

  2. Each Atman must equip an active skill. In total, there are four active skills available for use during battle. If the equipped active skill matches well with the Atman, the skill will be enhanced. Normal attacks are automatically released.

  3. In future developments, talent systems, equipment, and other growth systems will be introduced. Players can create unique battle builds by combining Atman, talents, and equipment. There will be rich differentiation between different build styles.

  4. Supported by a self-developed scene editor, the game will feature a variety of challenging levels with randomness, providing players with a novel and non-repetitive experience.

  5. Similar to Diablo-style games, the game will offer a wide variety of items and equipment. These will be randomly dropped during level challenges, offering players an exciting loot-hunting experience.

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