Imbalance is a sincere endeavor dedicated to revolutionizing web3 games.

Drawing inspiration from games like "Path of Exile" and the "Diablo" series, Imbalance features carefully designed gameplay, experiences, and economic systems.

While maintaining compatibility with the inherent features of web3 games, the entire game boasts rich content, an expansive worldview, exhilarating combat experiences, massive unit and skill rendering in battle scenes, and an open map editor. It achieves a seamless integration of the dark fantasy genre and web3 elements.

Imbalance employs game characters as NFTs, allowing users to engage in battles by equipping these NFTs. Users earn in-game currency and items through participation, which can be used within the game or converted into real profits.

A successful web3 game should adhere to principles such as decentralization, clear ownership of digital assets, sustainable economic cycles, equal relationships between game developers and players, and transparent game mechanics. However, many current web3 games overly emphasize economic cycles at the expense of poor in-game experiences. Additionally, traditional games transitioning to blockchain often struggle to establish a presence in the web3 gaming market.

To address these challenges, Imbalance has emerged.

Note: Imbalance is currently in the testing phase, and as such, the contents of this whitepaper may undergo changes in the future.

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